6 trends for prom dresses will be in 2022

domingo, junho 12, 2022

The parties are coming back with everything! Weddings, weddings and big ones are being scheduled, following safety and protocol standards, with a graduation card requirement. So for you who have already had your two doses of the vaccine, and are ready for the third dose, how about going back to the parties in style?

We follow the couture shows, fashion magazines and big names in the industry to tell you what the 6 trends for prom dresses will be in 2022.


Ready to shine in 2022? Because sequins are back with everything! Who also appears in some haute couture shows is the lurex, which already has shine in its composition.

The glow comes back more modern, and it's not limited to gold, silver or bronze – after all, vibrant colors and pastel tones also go well with glitter. Bet on black prom dresses gown for you to be inspired! by.

Asymmetry and cutouts

Dresses with only one sleeve have been part of the women's wardrobe for a long time! The Amazons wore this kind of asymmetrical clothing to make it easier to handle the sword, and the Greeks and Romans tied cuts of fabric to one shoulder just to complete the look.

And just like them, in 2022 women will rock asymmetrical dresses. Also part of these trends for party dresses in 2022 are dresses with cutouts – daring or more discreet. Below are some burgundy prom dresses that you will love.

Volume On Sleeves And Ruffles

Romanticism is in the air! And this is clear in dresses with a lot of volume – whether with puffed sleeves or countless ruffles. In addition to leaving women more free and comfortable to enjoy on the dance floor, the volume also guarantees the look with a more fashionista footprint.


Yeah, looks like fringed clothes, reminiscent of the Wild West, are making a comeback. But that doesn't mean your party dress needs to look 20th century, okay? Party dresses with fringes come back bringing a lot of sparkle, reminding a little more of the 60s look, in which the movement of fringes was a sensation on the dance floors.

A tip: to not make the look too heavy, accessories and beauty (make and hair) should be more discreet/minimalist!

Dress With Corset

Calm down, it's not the return of corsets – phew! The party dresses now appear with corset/corselet, marking the bust and leaving the waist in evidence.

You can bet on a model with a slit, very sensual. But for those who want a lighter look, opt for a dress with a flowing skirt.

Short party dress

And who said party dresses need to be long? Because in 2022, the mini will come with everything! Do not think that the model will be less elegant because of the length. It's possible to be super chic using the right add-ons; and of course… wearing the right dress! For example, at the Elie Saab show we saw this powerful dress with train and below we have a black prom dresses gown for you to be inspired by.

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